Monday, December 30, 2013

She Speaks

She Speaks

Sitting here thinking about all the red flags you said went up
My flags were always white
Loving you caused me so much pain
Today I just feel meh
Meh in the way that I lost
I was chasing you
You were chasing her
She was chasing you
But when I turned around, I realized that no one was chasing me

From cereal to heartache
Scattered pieces to dry tear ducts
Promises of unbroken friendship
Lies of undeniable hatred
The thin lines
There’s a win to every lose
The Lessons were worth the pain
The Joy always outweighed the Rain
I’m still crazy and you’re still out of your mind
The irony of my all

No part for me in, “Moody’s Mood for Love”.
Can you really lose what you never had?
Best thing…
Bright Lights only know light, even when it’s dark
I release you from my heart in love & light
The key to my heart wasn’t in your locket
For now, I’ll put it back in my safe box for safe keeping
I wish you lifelong happiness
A new white chapter is beginning for you
Mine is still unwritten

Much Luv, 

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  1. Another solid effort and filled with so much emotion. Not to mention the amount of "read between the lines" within your poem that makes me want to read over and over again. I like the way you express yourself from beginning to end. I especially enjoyed where you stated how your flags were always white, the thin lines, and how the lessons were worth the pain.


  2. Hi Don:

    What a pleasure reading your comment has been! This is my vision when I write. That a reader will connect and nail it the way that you have! This poem is so precious to me. It is definitely one that I will have framed. My hope was to write it with Love, Forgiveness, & Understanding.

    When you truly love a person, a thing an animal you have to release it {them}. You have to be thankful for the time you were given and you have to take what you learned from them and apply it. This is how we grow, how we get better. It's ok to hurt, to mourn and to even be confused. But when the moment comes, when you fully trust God, and when you're ready to take that big step of letting go; I believe it must be done with Love & Light.

    Thank you graciously for reading!

    Much Luv,


  3. "This is how we grow, how we get better."

    Wholeheartedly agreed.