Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Caged Bride Sings

The picture above signifies what the caged bride is for me. As her body stands beautifully behind the gate she is waiting on the right suitor to come along and lift it up. The caged bride finds her own happiness in the interim.  She often realizes that she may never be set free. This saddens her deeply but only when she allows herself to isolate in her own solitude. She may never be given the chance to fly. The caged bride is awake and this is the fate that confines her. She is more awake then any of her suitors will probably ever be in this lifetime. If she closes her eyes she can even visualize past lives that she has already had. Her awareness is intimidating to many. She comes across as foreign or as if she is not of this world. It causes many to believe that she is too good to be true. It causes some to think that she is just putting up a fa├žade. They don’t ever seem to understand her true nature or her true essence. That's when she has to remind herself that they are all still asleep.

Being awake in the midst of slumber isn’t always an easy feat. It is easier for others to ostracize her and to keep their distance. It is easier for others to point fingers and to swim in the lies that they create. The caged bride has resigned herself to be true to staying awake and she will never fall asleep until her exit. The caged bride is hopeful that one day she will be freed from the suffering of this world. Until then, she will continue to walk the earth with a poised glide and she will leave her mark wherever she goes. One of the scariest things to encounter here can be placing your heart in the hands of another. The second scariest thing has got to be watching your love slip helplessly through that persons fingers.  You only zing once :-). The caged bride’s heart is a heart that is filled with love. A love that runs deep and through each and every one of her veins. Her soul is filled with deep sorrow. A sorrow that runs deep enough to debilitate her at times. She sees so many broken-hearted girls.  Some are filled with anger, some are bitter and some are so jaded that their eyesight is green.  The caged bride doesn't possess those qualities and therefore she refuses to join this crowd.

The caged bride is always happy when she is blessed to encounter those she knew in one of her past lives. They may have played a different role at that time but her soul always has the ability to recognize them just the same. The power of spiritual energy is something that can't be measured.   Each and every day is a struggle for her to be here. There is a profound level of humility that comes with being this different...this aware. When day turns into night she is able to submerge herself in love. She loves Love more than anything in this world because it is the glue that binds us all. The caged bride longs to share this love yet she's smart enough to acknowledge the odds that are against her. Her happy heart sings, and sings and then it sings some more. Her heart never tires of singing. Only joy comes from song. What a blessing it is each day to be able to witness the birds fly, the sun set,  the dogs bark, and the children play while hearing their contagious laughter. What a burden it is to carry the weight of this world and all of its amazement. The caged bride acknowledges her connection to her own spirit and realizes that she is responsible for setting it free.

I am the caged bride and I love you all immensely. I am a beautiful freak of nature and I wear that title respectfully.  I count my blessings where they lay and I move forward on my journey in love and in peace. God Bless You.

Much Luv,

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