Wednesday, October 30, 2013

I Fell Asleep in Heaven

I felt completely in my element as I maneuvered through this place quickly; as if I had spent a lifetime here. I can remember passing out flower petals by the handfuls to little children that were so happy to see me coming. I knew all of these children very well.  Their little faces bought me so much joy. Some would run up and smile while others just wanted to touch the tips of my fingers.  One child found so much joy in simply resting his tiny hand on my cheek  as I knelt down to give him a handful of petals.  The children would throw the petals in the air while singing, laughing and dancing with one another.  On this day I moved with an unusual haste.  I had a meeting scheduled with Jesus in the quiet garden.  Jesus spent a lot of time alone in the quiet garden and none of us bothered him when he was there.  An Angel summoned me earlier this day and advised me that the Lord needed to speak with me.  I knew Jesus very well and I was eager to hear what he had to say. He was my Heavenly Father but he was also my best friend.  I could talk to him about anything and his caring advice was always perfectly on time.  Everyone here was Jesus’ best friend and he always made time for all of us; especially when we were heavily burdened and in need of counsel. He started our discussion by commending me on my work here in heaven.  I couldn't help but to notice the glass coffin lying on top of a beautiful pedestal in the middle of the garden. It had this magnificent glow to it and inside I could see that the linens and pillow were made of silk in a pearl like color. In this place called Heaven we don’t have any fear or anxiety because we trust the Lord for everything.  I was an eager spirit and Jesus always commended me for my naturally inquisitive ways.  I had a fascination with the brilliant colors of the flowers and I also shared this same fascination with the colors of the birds and how they soared in the wind.  I would wear my clothing drapery light and flowing to my ankles. I always selected the whitest of whites although we could also wear pearl and ivory. I was eager to hear what the Lord had called me to do today.  Like a soldier of war I was ready to serve in any way that he needed me to.  

I thought that Jesus might want me to spend more time with the children. I had the feeling that he would want me to take them out into the valley and read to them more.  I enjoyed reading to the children.  I was rather surprised when Jesus said that I had done everything that he needed me to do in Heaven. He knew that I was eager to dream about Earth as I had heard some of the elders discussing their Earth dreams amongst each other. “Oh how delightful”, I blurted out and Jesus’ face became instantly grieved.  He said, “My child they will reject your spirit in your Earth dream”.  “Your spirit is much like mine and they prefer the darkness there”.  The darkness was only something I had heard the elders discussing.  I knew it wasn't pleasant like the flowers but I still said, “Jesus, the elders come back and say that what they loved most on their Earth dream was their children”.  They explained to me that they had children that specifically belonged just to them.  I couldn't completely understand that because I loved all the children here in Heaven the exact same and I knew that they all loved me with the same heart. Jesus said, “You will have 3 children on your Earth dream to care for”. “Wonderful”, I said, as my heart instantly warmed up with love for them.  “Your love for them will make it difficult for you to wake up but you will have to leave them and come back home to your work here”, Jesus said.  “Yes Father”, I understand.  I didn't want to come back from my Earth dream old like the elders because I knew the children of Heaven depended on my spirit. Jesus didn't typically call anyone my age to have an Earth dream because the elders would say, “they just weren't ready”.  The elders never discussed the darkness of the Earth dream because they would say, “It’s too painful to talk about”.  A very old elder once said to me that Earth was a wild and dirty place and she begged me to ask Jesus to never let me have the dream because she said I was, “too pure”, and “too beautiful”.  I still wanted to go.  I heard stories of love, and joy and of communion with others that filled me with happiness. There was a connection that the elders made there that they could simply never forget and I didn't want them to.  I knew Jesus was mistreated during his Earth dream and he had the holes in his hands and his feet that showed it.  Because I never experienced anything but peace, joy, love and cleanliness I couldn't imagine violence or crime or any of those words that the elders used to describe their Earth dreams. I began to pray for an Earth dream each night before I closed my eyes. 

This is why I was in the quiet garden with Jesus today.  He said, “I hear your prayers child but my heart grieves to let you enter the Earth dream”. I said, “Father, I promise I will be ok”.  I promised to be a good person and a good, “mother”, the words the elders used to describe people that had children specifically assigned to their care. Jesus said, “I know and that is why I have chosen to let you go now, but I must warn you that you won’t come back here the same”.  “Oh thank you Father and I promise I will come back the same”, was all that I could muster up to say.  I didn't get to tell my friends in Heaven that I was going but I knew like the elders before me that I would be back. I didn't think that Jesus would let me sleep long enough to become old. Some of the elders were old and very shaken-up when they returned as if it were more of a nightmare.  Jesus would send me to sit with them and to say caring words to them until they remembered that they were back home and no longer asleep and in the dream. I had a lot of work to do in Heaven with the children so I knew I couldn’t be in my dream for long. “Oh finally, an Earth dream”, is what I thought to myself as Jesus walked with me over to the glass coffin.  Jesus explained that I wouldn't remember Heaven in the dream and that when I did it would be nearing the time for me to return home. He said that he would watch over me every step of the way because I was his child and he cared for me deeply.  He warned me of the temptations that Satan would throw my way and he explained that my love for the 3 children would make me want to stay in my Earth dream forever.  Jesus said, “I will be here when you wake up and I will be the one to help you to ease the pain of the separation from them”.

They will never forget you and I promise that when they wake up from their own Earth dream I will reunite the 4 of you here.  You have done great work here in Heaven and this will be my reward to you. He also said that each of them would keep a tiny piece of me that would carry them through their own Earth dreams and I thought that was splendid. I smiled big because I couldn't imagine loving anyone the way that I loved Jesus. My heart always sang his praises. Now, I was even more eager to fall asleep. Jesus held my hand and assisted me into the glass coffin.  The linen felt like I was lying on a cloud.  I was honestly sleepy from walking in the valley all day and passing out flower petals. Jesus could feel my fatigue. My cheek gently touched the silk pillow and I looked at Jesus with my big eyes and said, “Thank you Father”, and he responded, “Sleep my child and have your Earth dream”.  “I will be here, right by your side to greet you when you wake up”, and as fast as he said those words I briefly remember thinking that having a love connection during my Earth dream would be so sweet; I closed my eyes and fell fast asleep.

1 Thessalonians 5:5-6 “For you are all children of the light of the day; we don’t belong to darkness and night.  So be on your guard, not asleep like the others”.

Much Luv,

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Monday, October 7, 2013

Fall Dating Sense

So, it’s been a while since you’ve been back on the dating scene and you find yourself single and ready to mingle!  Good!  Dating is healthy and it’s extremely enjoyable!  I think fall is an awesome time of year to fall in love, hehe. It’s also a fabulous time to get back onto the scene if you’ve been laying low for awhile. Summer’s officially over and the bikinis are well tucked away.  When someone approaches you now, you know it’s not because more than half of your body is exposed and oiled down.  Covered up in denim, scarves and riding boots; it’s nice to know that someone is approaching you on a more wholesome and genuine level.  How do you get back on the scene when you’ve taking some time off? I suggest that you be sensible and open-minded about it.  Fall is a great time of year to get dressed early on a Saturday morning and head out to a museum or an art gallery.  Here in New York City, we have so many weekend activities to choose from.  There’s also a ton of things to do right here in Brooklyn! If you get the sense that someone’s admiring you from afar never be afraid to smile, wave or say, “Hey”. In all honesty, what do you have to lose?  NOTHING! I would encourage staying out of the bars and lounges unless you’re just out with your girls or your guy friends for a fun night out with no intentions set on meeting anyone.  What keeps me from meeting people in places like this, is the fear that it’ll be used against me down the road with a partner saying something like, “You met me in the bar, now you don’t like that I’m there every weekend?”  I’ll pass on that lol.   I suggest putting some effort into dating and even into, “By chance”, encounters by being smart about them. What are you looking for in an ideal partner?  We put so much effort into where we’ll go to school, our careers, who we select to watch our children, and yet when it comes to relationships we leave everything to fate and wing it.  You need to be clear on what you’re looking for before getting back out there. You can save yourself valuable time by just putting pen to paper and jotting down a few things you want and maybe even a few that you absolutely know that you don’t want.

So, now what if you’re not even remotely spontaneous enough to hop on the train, venture out and be open to a random encounter?  I mean let’s face it; many of us are a little uptight (I damn sure know that I am).  If we weren’t, there might be more of those random encounters of strangers having coffee.  If you’re not the spontaneous type you might want to spend your Saturday morning exploring the ins and outs of online dating, (while watching a romantic comedy dvd to help loosen you up).  This organized style of dating gives you somewhat of a prescreening advantage before actually going out with someone.  I personally like that but it does come with a fee. The more you’re willing to invest, the more you get out of the filtering, messaging, control, etc.   If you‘re a visual person, stimulated by physical looks or a by a person’s career background, you can surf until you find precisely what interest you.   I’ve been curious about online dating for a long time now but I’m also trying to let go of that controlling side that I recognize in myself.  I’ll typically do a free-trial run which allows you to view profiles but I never fully take the plunge by signing up and releasing my credit card information. I’m definitely giving it serious consideration this fall. Being safe is what matters most when it comes to any type of dating.  Watching television shows like MTV’s, “Catfish”, has opened my eyes to see that not everyone out there is completely truthful when it comes to uploading their online profiles.  I’m still a very old-fashion kind of girl in the sense that I would rather meet a guy through my own circle of friends or in a setting that provides a little bit more information than, “Hello, My Name is…”  I have my spiritual beliefs as well and in my heart I believe that none of us are going to meet that perfect stranger, in that perfectly strange setting, at that perfectly strange moment, until God is ready to intervene on our behalf.  In the meantime, staying engaged, having fun and learning the most you can about YOU, is what’s most important until that time finally arrives.   Dating can help you tremendously with that. You can learn a lot about what you want and what you don’t want from a relationship while you’re dating and that’s a really good thing! 

Listening to the opposite sex and getting a feel for how they view your gender is equally as important.  As a woman, I’m always eager to hear how men feel about being in committed relationships that involve traditional courtship, God and possibly marriage.  I’m sure men are interested in hearing women’s views and values on much of the same.  As a writer, I’m always interested to hear how both genders approach and view dating. One thing I’ve learned from conducting interviews is the importance of laying your cards on the table quickly. For example, waiting for the perfect moment to reveal that you’re abstaining from sex, or that you have 12 children will never happen!  Be completely honest about this even if you have to say it before ever meeting up with someone.  You have lost nothing if they make the choice to never meet with you.  You’ve taken control and actually filtered what you didn’t need right from the jump.  Many people nowadays view dating as a casual sexual relationship that involves having no strings attached. Although that may be so far on the other end of the spectrum from what dating means to you, it’s very important that your intentions and reasons for dating are voiced and understood at, “Hello”.  This will avoid any misunderstandings or hard feelings later down the road.  Don’t make any apologies for who you are or for what your belief system contains.  Just be fair to whomever you are involved with so that they have a choice when it comes to whether or not they choose to be involved with you.  Dating very well could lead to finding your life partner.  Keeping that in mind at all times will help you to cherish that person even in the early stages.  Have fun, be honest and under no circumstances do you ever, ever, ever compromise your sense of self.  It’s a cozy time of year to have a Pumpkin Spice Latte and get to know someone.  Be fearless in your fall dating J

Much Luv,

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