Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The Queen of Wishful Thinking

What would you name her?  I chose the title name because it seemed appropriate and heartfelt.  She reminds me so much of myself and that's why the sight of her stopped me dead in my tracks.  From her build to the details of her hair; she has a hard exterior, yet you can almost get a sense of how fragile she is on the inside.  She seems somewhat burdened by worry or maybe just the weight of the world yet there is such vulnerability in seeing her down on one bended knee.  Many of you may already know her history and where she resides. For those of you that don't, she is placed behind the first gate of the 10-bedroom Italian palazzo-style mansion once occupied by the famous Italian fashion designer Gianni Versace. I took this picture a little less than two-weeks ago when I was in Miami on business. The guards at the property were gracious enough to open the main gate for me as they noticed that I was peering around like a total creep to get a glimpse of this statue. I was so intrigued through the gate that you can only imagine how in awe of this woman statue I was when they opened the gate and let me inside. “Stunning”, was what my mouth said but there was so much more to be said about it.  That’s the beauty of art.  One’s perception is theirs and theirs alone.  I would have paid money to see more of this exquisite home.  The guards weren’t able to touch my camera so I wasn’t able to take a picture next to the statue because I was alone.  Her pose was so interesting because one can go many different directions with it.  I imagined a woman just wanting peace and tranquility; just wanting to shut things off if that makes any sense? The world can become so painfully noisy at times that even thinking or remaining focused become difficult. Living in New York City can further maximize that level of difficulty. Finding a decent level of peace and tranquility here can be a daunting task. Anything that provokes this much thought in me is worth further exploration. 

So now I found myself behind the front gate of the mansion that I sat in front of my television watching in horror as its owner lie dead on the very steps that I just walked up.  I felt horrible for Versace on that day back in July of 1997. I felt as if he had so much more to offer the world.  It was one of those crushing blows that you feel even when you don‘t know the person that passed away.  He died early in the morning although certain reports say he died at night; I remember watching the news coverage like it was yesterday. It seemed like he walked out of his home to get his morning paper and coffee with such enthusiasm and life. There’s a bit of irony to the fact that I’m here in South Beach in July. In some spiritual way I’m very moved by this.  Walking up the stairs to the gate is something I feel like I must do respectfully.  The spirit of this man is still here at this home.  Not in a hovering way just in the sense that he must have found great peace living here in this beautiful home on Ocean Drive. This home is like the best of both worlds.  You get this Italian extravagance here in Florida. The guards are so kind to me that this also feels slightly eerie to me. The connection I’ve made with the spirit makes me feel like the spirit has urged these strangers to open the gates and allow me in to satisfy my curiosity. If you’ve ever been to this property which is currently listed at $125,000,000, it isn’t some type of museum for onlookers although many tourists that are familiar with the story do stop at the front and look in awe.  Some take pictures; some just stare at the steps maybe thinking back to that dreadful day that Versace was murdered.  I’ve actually heard that the property is currently facing bankruptcy and I can’t understand for the life of me why the city wouldn’t just turn it into a museum.  

In many ways, I feel like a museum might bring Versace and his family great peace.  I’m sure he was immensely proud of the brilliance of this home and a museum would seem like a celebration of life.  Oh what I’d give to ask him what the statue I’m standing in front of means today.  He’d probably have a fabulously detailed answer that would blow my mind and leave me with my mouth hanging open but for now I’ll have to come up with my own analogy.  Today she will be the Queen of Wishful Thinking. She is hopeful and strong but every now and again she needs to turn the world off.  She walks in faith, but the noise of the world tends to drown her spirit.  She appears flawless on the outside but she struggles with the state of the world and with the adversity it throws her way on the inside.  She stays in harmful situations longer than she should and she often loves those who don’t reciprocate the feeling genuinely in return. She is unique and she is so different that she is extraordinary.  She fears God and she longs for the day that he will call her home to her original state of being.  She appreciates every second of life here on earth and she adores those that are in her life more than they will ever be able to comprehend. I can almost lose myself in thinking of this statue. So much so that I wish I could take her with me and find a home big enough to keep her in my living room (I so mean this), lol. What would this statue represent for you? If my vision does nothing for you, please share your commentary here.  I’d love to read your analogies.  Until we meet again…

Much Luv                                                   

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