Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What Inspires Me to Write

I can sum this post up in just one word right now. What inspires me to write is you! I thank each and every one of you that take the time to spend your time here at The B.C. Chronicles. Because I have such a deep spirit you know that I'm going to elaborate a little further and give you a real inside look as to why it is that I do what I do here on this writing platform. I heal here. When the world starts to stress me out I have an inner desire to talk back to it. The world can be cold and cruel at times but my outlet is my connection to it. My connection to the stars that line the sky. My connection to the clouds that hug the sun. This writing thing keeps me grounded in a world that attempts to kick my ass each and every single day. My writing starts way before I'm blessed enough to plant my feet on my bedroom floor each morning. Writing lingers in my soul whether I'm in or out of consciousness. Writing comes to me when I'm driving in my car, cooking a meal in my kitchen, or even when I'm in the shower bathing away the stress of my day. Once a topic crosses my mind I'm excited and driven to release it on paper quickly.

The God that dwells in me never allows me to keep what I plan to write to myself. I'm nudged feverishly over and over again until I turn my laptop on and spill the visions into a Word document. The visions haunt me in the sweetest of ways. They're not mine to keep and I'm obligated to let them go. Once I release them I feel whole again as if letting them go actually made me whole rather than having left me null and void. My cup overflows until the next story comes to mind. I find peace in writing & when I share it with you I feel satisfied.

Writing is my salvation. It's where I go to get back to what makes me happy. It's where my happiness is. Where I go to get back to the tiny piece of God in me. It's where I mediatate, rest my head and I drown out all of the sounds screaming at me from the world. It's where I tell depression to go back home and it's where anxiety cannot sustain life. It's my outlet and it's the best way I know how to express myself and I mean that so literally. What comes out of my mouth and what goes down on paper is a completely different level of eloquence. Writing is where I speak to you. I connect with the oneness that all of us are in search of. When I get closer to you, I get closer to it. Blogging has allowed me to graduate from my Journal although every now and then I still go back to it for the comfort that it has always offered. My refuge is in my writing and I am so thankful at how I am able to bask in it. My livelihood is in my writing and when I read comments from my readers the God in me is completely still. I hear his satifaction through the stillness and the peace that comes with that is tranquil.

Thank you for allowing me to write my way into your lives. You are helping me to grow in Love.

Much Luv

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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

No One on the Corner has SwagHer Like Us...

So back in January 2011, I joined the SwagHer Magazine Family and I have been on a high road ever since. Francheska Felder who goes by "Fancy" is the owner of Redbone Enterprises, LLC which is the media business that publishes SwagHer Magazine. She has been a God send and I appreciate her scouting me out and blessing me with the opportunity to take my writing to another platform. All of the writers for the mag have been so welcoming and we have indeed become the SwagHer Fam. Alisha Matthews, Marieca LaShawn, Arlene Culpepper, Javon Ayo and Alsie Dunbar just to name a few have been there to receive me with open arms. The writing talents of the magazine's writers is astronomical. I have felt at home since the journey has begun and I encourage you to check us out at I wanted to share a little preview of an article I wrote for the SwagHer March issue, which can be found in the magazine's relationship section.

Be Lucky In Love
By: Barbara A. Crooks

So as we enter the third month of the year (the lucky month); I realize that I’ve spent an enormous amount of time focusing on what I don’t want in love versus what I actually do want. I know unequivocally that I want nothing more than to be in a healthy and loving relationship with a partner that shares not only my motivation, but my sentiments surrounding this life. The motivation of our world circulates & moves in love, and during the past two months I’ve been attracting all the types of love that I would never want for my life. Finally, it dawned on me that the only one to blame for cupid’s misdirected arrow hits is me. My thoughts that are revolving around what I don’t want have sent a signal out into the universe, which has reciprocated and in return I’m meeting every Joe Shmoe that I don’t want or need in my life. Wow!!! Who knew that my thoughts could be that powerful? I’ve always been deeply connected in my spirituality, yet I never really fully conceptualized that my thoughts of what I don’t want would bring exactly that back to me by personal design. I’ve been a firm believer throughout that as long as my thoughts aren’t negative than everything in my life should align accordingly, yet in all honesty that just hasn’t been the case. Potential dates, or suitors that I don’t have anything even remotely in common with have started arriving with flowers, candy and teddy bears and although these kind gestures have all been well-received and sweet in nature they are from men that I could never ever see myself being with. So does this mean that I’m losing oxygen to my brain and leading men on that I don’t want in my life? Well in some ways it does lol, but it’s mostly just a shift in conscious thinking on my behalf that needs to occur immediately.

To read more of this article please go to

Much Luv

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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Aftermath of Cheating

Cheating reminds me of shattered glass. The shattered glass replicates the heart of the one that has been cheated on. I have never been able to put shattered glass back together. Have you??? Truth mixed with lies is an oxymoron.

This post is dedicated to one of my sister's. You are one of the strongest women that I know and you have always maintained that status. You are the mother to your four boys that I only wish that I could be. You are the model of what a daughter, mother, sister, and friend should be. Men will try us, but nothing they do can ever define us. I love you and I promise you that there is always sunshine after the rain.

When we make the decision to dedicate our life to another, we do so under the umbrella of prerequisites. For those of us that have money those prerequisites might be drawn up into a contract know as a prenuptial agreement. For the rest of us our prereq's are just silent understood whispers that say, "I'll do my part to love, honor and cherish you". "Just don't cheat on me asshole". The work that goes into a loving relationship between two people can never be underestimated. The love and support that it takes to continuously have your partner's back while forsaking all others in temptation is probably not half as easy as it sounds. This is why the commitment of marriage is one of the most difficult contractual laws that any human being even when on a complete and total spiritual journey can enter into. Many enter in knowing what they are up against, while some completely down play their union, and opt to wing it as they go along. The trust that it takes to give another person your heart in return for their respect, loyalty and admiration is something that I commend every married person for. It is so difficult for me to trust, and for me to place my heart in my future husband's hands would mean that he is a mighty special man and that he has touched my soul in a way that no other man here on my journey has thus far. Well, the question I pose to you then is what if he cheats? What if you married that special guy, and along with your heart you give him babies, a home, a future, and more and more of yourself with each day that turns into years of what you considered pure wedding bliss. What if you live up to each vow that you took on your wedding day and in sickness and health you continue to love a man who's health doesn't remain what it was on the special day that you chose one another? What if after long hours of work and maintaining your household you came home only to find emails that indicate infidelity and disrespect on levels that you could have never imagined your husband would engage in? Then what? What happens when the fairy-tale is somewhat a lie that your loving husband is sharing with a stranger? What happens when what appears to be perfect in your heart is tainted in his? There is no rhyme or reason to how a woman will cope with her man's or husband's infidelity, but I will clearly say this to any of my readers that are reading this post right now and considering that uphill thrill that comes with cheating. If your mate male or female doesn't leave your cheating butt then you better be good and ready to prepare yourself for the wrath that will come with them picking up the pieces to their broken heart. I would honestly be more afraid of my mate if they stayed than if they left.

This past Saturday, I caught up with one of my sister's that I haven't seen in years. Her life has always mirrored the type of life that I have wanted to live in someways. For the past 15 years or so she has been a dedicated military wife, and she has moved to countless states throughout the United States. Her loyalty has always been something that I have admired, while her husband's love seemed to have always been the key to the lock. After ups and downs, struggles and triumphs, they have always been a couple built on solid principles of love and respect. I was more than surprised when she explained her husband's recent infidelity and how it has affected their relationship. There are no excuses that can be made when it comes to infidelity. A husband cannot get bored because his wife works long hours nor can blame be placed on anyone other than the person that has decided to cheat. If a man can look across his dinner table and stare into the eyes of his beautiful children, his loving wife, and not keep that image with him when he decides to let a perfect stranger into his heart than there is most definitely a problem. I always think the reason that a person is so ready, willing and able to cheat is not only because they know that they can, but also because they never fully weigh the odds of losing all that they have at home. Why would a man spend years building the foundation of his family only to allow a few minutes of pleasure or a blow job take it all away? Logically, no fool on earth would do something so stupid, yet we live in a society where men and women cheat every single day. The innocent party (the person that has been cheated on) is now left with the weight of a decision that they should have never been faced with making in the first place. Do they stay or do they go? As human beings we all cope with things differently. If the rules of the union have been broken then of course divorce can be an option, but what if divorce was something that you said early on in your union was simply not for you? How do you cope with what has happened? Obviously, two can play at any game, but the torture of that will leave side-effects on the entire family and the damage has already been done.

The reason that I won't give any advice on this post is because cheating leaves such a huge impact that each one of us will deal with the repercussions of it differently according to how big the blow is. What I do hope to leave is the insight of weighing what is important to you when you decide to unfaithfully step out of your union. Whether you are in a lawful marriage or a committed relationship, cheating is an act that will leave one person with their heart in a million pieces. If you knew that conversing or having sex with a stranger could make your significant other pack their bags, and your children, and walk out of your life would you do it? Would it be worth it? I think if people took the time to think more with their brains and less with their body parts would live in a more peaceful and communal world. Jesus kept it very simple in the Bible when he said, "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you".

Much Luv

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