Wednesday, March 2, 2011

No One on the Corner has SwagHer Like Us...

So back in January 2011, I joined the SwagHer Magazine Family and I have been on a high road ever since. Francheska Felder who goes by "Fancy" is the owner of Redbone Enterprises, LLC which is the media business that publishes SwagHer Magazine. She has been a God send and I appreciate her scouting me out and blessing me with the opportunity to take my writing to another platform. All of the writers for the mag have been so welcoming and we have indeed become the SwagHer Fam. Alisha Matthews, Marieca LaShawn, Arlene Culpepper, Javon Ayo and Alsie Dunbar just to name a few have been there to receive me with open arms. The writing talents of the magazine's writers is astronomical. I have felt at home since the journey has begun and I encourage you to check us out at I wanted to share a little preview of an article I wrote for the SwagHer March issue, which can be found in the magazine's relationship section.

Be Lucky In Love
By: Barbara A. Crooks

So as we enter the third month of the year (the lucky month); I realize that I’ve spent an enormous amount of time focusing on what I don’t want in love versus what I actually do want. I know unequivocally that I want nothing more than to be in a healthy and loving relationship with a partner that shares not only my motivation, but my sentiments surrounding this life. The motivation of our world circulates & moves in love, and during the past two months I’ve been attracting all the types of love that I would never want for my life. Finally, it dawned on me that the only one to blame for cupid’s misdirected arrow hits is me. My thoughts that are revolving around what I don’t want have sent a signal out into the universe, which has reciprocated and in return I’m meeting every Joe Shmoe that I don’t want or need in my life. Wow!!! Who knew that my thoughts could be that powerful? I’ve always been deeply connected in my spirituality, yet I never really fully conceptualized that my thoughts of what I don’t want would bring exactly that back to me by personal design. I’ve been a firm believer throughout that as long as my thoughts aren’t negative than everything in my life should align accordingly, yet in all honesty that just hasn’t been the case. Potential dates, or suitors that I don’t have anything even remotely in common with have started arriving with flowers, candy and teddy bears and although these kind gestures have all been well-received and sweet in nature they are from men that I could never ever see myself being with. So does this mean that I’m losing oxygen to my brain and leading men on that I don’t want in my life? Well in some ways it does lol, but it’s mostly just a shift in conscious thinking on my behalf that needs to occur immediately.

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