Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What Inspires Me to Write

I can sum this post up in just one word right now. What inspires me to write is you! I thank each and every one of you that take the time to spend your time here at The B.C. Chronicles. Because I have such a deep spirit you know that I'm going to elaborate a little further and give you a real inside look as to why it is that I do what I do here on this writing platform. I heal here. When the world starts to stress me out I have an inner desire to talk back to it. The world can be cold and cruel at times but my outlet is my connection to it. My connection to the stars that line the sky. My connection to the clouds that hug the sun. This writing thing keeps me grounded in a world that attempts to kick my ass each and every single day. My writing starts way before I'm blessed enough to plant my feet on my bedroom floor each morning. Writing lingers in my soul whether I'm in or out of consciousness. Writing comes to me when I'm driving in my car, cooking a meal in my kitchen, or even when I'm in the shower bathing away the stress of my day. Once a topic crosses my mind I'm excited and driven to release it on paper quickly.

The God that dwells in me never allows me to keep what I plan to write to myself. I'm nudged feverishly over and over again until I turn my laptop on and spill the visions into a Word document. The visions haunt me in the sweetest of ways. They're not mine to keep and I'm obligated to let them go. Once I release them I feel whole again as if letting them go actually made me whole rather than having left me null and void. My cup overflows until the next story comes to mind. I find peace in writing & when I share it with you I feel satisfied.

Writing is my salvation. It's where I go to get back to what makes me happy. It's where my happiness is. Where I go to get back to the tiny piece of God in me. It's where I mediatate, rest my head and I drown out all of the sounds screaming at me from the world. It's where I tell depression to go back home and it's where anxiety cannot sustain life. It's my outlet and it's the best way I know how to express myself and I mean that so literally. What comes out of my mouth and what goes down on paper is a completely different level of eloquence. Writing is where I speak to you. I connect with the oneness that all of us are in search of. When I get closer to you, I get closer to it. Blogging has allowed me to graduate from my Journal although every now and then I still go back to it for the comfort that it has always offered. My refuge is in my writing and I am so thankful at how I am able to bask in it. My livelihood is in my writing and when I read comments from my readers the God in me is completely still. I hear his satifaction through the stillness and the peace that comes with that is tranquil.

Thank you for allowing me to write my way into your lives. You are helping me to grow in Love.

Much Luv

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  1. You're simply amazing Chloe! For all of my readers who aren't familiar with Chloe Womack she is my radio Co-Host on the M.S.K. Radio Show that airs every other Monday Night on Everyday Radio. Ladies this is a radio for us by us! We are our sisters keeper and we must continue to support and uplift one another. Chloe is also the CEO of "Yes I Am My Sister's Keeper" so please check out her FB page.