Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Poets Are Awake

Every now and then I like to emerge myself in current events. I like to venture out and see what's going on out in my community. As a writer, I tend to isolate myself in my writing to the extent that I very rarely get out to see what the rest of the world is up to. When I encounter writer's block I like to get out of my comfort zone and seek inspiration wherever I can find it. Earlier this month, I headed out to the Symphony Space Theater on Broadway and treated myself to a stage play called, "Love Lies in Lust", which starred one of my dear talented friend's D. Malone who did an excellent job playing the character "Nina". The stage play tackled the difficulties that a couple in marriage face when their marriage is based on falsehood and lies. The difficulty of personal relationships in business and friendship were explored as well, and as I watched in awe I was immensely gratified with the great job that the cast did as a whole. Love, lies, lust, and the darkness that often comes with keeping secrets was revealed on the stage and I think for many of us sitting in the audience the content hit close to home. From a writing perspective I was glad that the content was raw and edgy and it pulled no punches in sugar coating the drama of the characters. In life, we often want to sugar coat the things that we're most uncomfortable with exposing but we can't.

Last night, I took a chance on poetry and went to support another friend of mine, Tha Real of Untamed Talent, LLC. Tha Real recently starred in the movie KOPC (King of Paper Chasin Oct. 2010 now on DVD). He organized a spoken word event at a lounge located at 507 Waverly Place in Brooklyn. I know that poetry can be deep on many levels as the words of the great poet Maya Angelou, have always penetrated deep down in my soul. The minute I walked into the venue I could feel the energy of all the poets sitting in the room. As I made my way over to my table I observed that they're a society of their own and their cluster is somewhat melodic. They don't only seem to support one another, but they also understand one another and I think they knew from the door that I was an outsider lol. The host of the show opened explaining to the audience that when a poet gets on a stage and decides to pour their emotions into a poem the act is difficult and one that takes extreme courage. At that point I put my crackberry away so that I could offer the poets my undivided attention. I heard everything from poems of love to poems of erotic sex. Poems that were centered in struggle, desperation of losing battles, and those geared at the social injustices of society in general. Once or twice my arm hairs stood at full attention and I had chills while listening to the passion in the poets voices. I was most focused on the fact that these poets on stage were fully awake and fully connected with self. Everything I've ever read in any of Eckhart Tolle's books seemed to be fully understood by the poets on the stage. Oneness with one's self. They were fully aware of the condition of life and how the rhythm and rhyme of life seems to follow suit. They were far beyond me in their level of awareness and their existence was most definitely spiritually centered. The chosen ones, the speakers, the truth tellers, the untamed talent.

It was deep and I'm glad I decided to go. The deepest messages are the one's that leave the most impact.

Much Luv
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