Friday, December 24, 2010

Everyday Radio & Your Girl B.C.

I recently got the opportunity to meet an inspiring gentleman that wears so many hats anyone would be blessed to obtain the opportunity to work with him. Jermaine "Jay Everyday" Smith is an American Playwright, Director, Producer, Editor-in-Chief, On-Air Personality, & Internet Radio Station Owner. This past Wednesday, I was invited by Jermaine (Jay) to be a guest panelist on his show "Everyday Radio", which allows everyday people to come on and tell their story. The panel discussion was "The Unhealed Heart" and we sat there collectively as a group an aired out our feelings to the Internet world listening. The discussion was passionate as we sat around the table and discussed our personal views on the unhealed heart. I felt extremely connected to the topic yet even more so to the entire experience. I felt so comfortable introducing The B.C. Chronicles to the listeners because I felt like it gave my blog a voice and another venue for me to discuss the importance of pursuing and maintaining a positive and healthy union. I was overwhelmed by the joy that I felt as a result of the experience and I felt like I did pretty well overall. From the headphones to the microphone in front of me I envisioned more outreach and more radio. Three-hours seemed to pass by rather quickly and I knew realistically the slot was something I could work into my everyday schedule. Adding Internet radio to the blog that I started just six short months ago was another way to give my readers a way to connect. In addition to listening Jay provides a platform for listeners to real-time chat and to call into the station simultaneously. I loved the real-time chatting most because it provides an anonymous way for listeners to tell their stories and to ask their questions. When Jay asked me if I would co-host the show with him I immediately knew that it was an offer that I couldn't refuse.

When we are blessed to realize that we have a special craft, or a gift we have an obligation to share it with the world. When doors open for us we have to open doors for those that will come after us. For example, my wish is that every young girl out there that is jotting her life down into her journal will see what I do and feel inspired enough to share her story with the world. She might write an article for her school newspaper or she might even start her own blog site. I love that my blog makes it easy for me to share my life with all of you. As I transition into this next phase of Internet radio I promise to stay committed to the core values of The B.C. Chronicles. I look forward to keeping the B.C. Chronicles segment on Everyday Radio spicy and something that we can all relate to. I can't wait to introduce my readers to my new co-host and I hope that all of you will let the show know why my blog appeals to you. We have evolved into a network & a family here and I'm positive that this family will continue to grow. I welcome Jay and his team to our team and my expectations are high with great hopes for a productive partnership. I'm so overjoyed by our pairing-up and I realize that this is only the beginning. In the meantime, I will continue to follow God's lead and I'll continue to keep my readers posted every step of the way. On Friday night I headed to the station for a team meeting. I was welcomed by the team and I noted the level of trust displayed on their behalf by having me at their round table discussion. I took notes and I interacted with each member to get a feel for what each person was bringing to the table. Niyah Bingy who is a Photographer, Film Writer, Producer, and Teacher from Brooklyn filled the room with his smile. A member that was eager to dedicate himself to the team in whatever capacity he is needed most. Next, I listened intently to K.L. Belvin who is an Educator, Author, Publisher, Poet and Motivational Speaker. He was clear in delivering his message of the importance of connection. Uncle Ty, the Station Manager contributed his input from a manager's perspective and Jay led the table throughout. Our faith outlined the meeting as we all acknowledged the Creator in our own special way for bringing us together. Acts of Faith will be what pushes each one of us in the direction God needs us to go. Good people attract one another and before you look around you will notice that negativity dissipates quickly. There is no place for it to survive when your journey becomes so saturated in truth and peace. Each individual at the table shared the connection of wanting to help others and to make our contribution to the world.

Please take the time to check out how Jay is making his contribution to the world When you click on his website you can check out his plays, the radio station and his magazine

You can check me and Jay out live each and every Wednesday on Everyday Radio at 6-9 p.m. If you have topics you'd like to hear or ideas for the show let me know. I look forward to giving The B.C. Chronicles a voice and I know we'll be chatting away soon.

To listen to the show just click the link and click on the play button in the song box. We also real-chat on the show just type your chat name in the box provided and start chatting. Listeners are also encouraged to call in with comments at 718-484-7663 0r 7664. The B.C. Chronicles meets Internet radio...2011 will be awesome!

Much Luv

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  2. Hey Niyah:

    No thanks necessary, but I do thank you for leaving such a kind comment. I'm grateful and humbled as well just to have been introduced to such a dynamic team of men that are taking complete and total control of manifesting their own individual destiny's. The journey keeps revealing more and more positive things and people along the way and I embrace everyone and everything that I encounter because I know that God's stamp is on everything. Once again, I look forward to working with you this year. Keep up the great work!

    Much Luv