Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A Toast to Our Frenemies

I received a bbm message this morning from one of my dearest friends that said this, “Friendship is something which cannot be easily explained”. “A common definition of friendship would be a relationship between two individuals, which is neither based on a blood relation and/or needs”. “It is a relationship which is based on the compatibility and understanding of two individuals”. This is as simple as I can bring the definition of friendship across without using my own words and now to the frenemies…

I know they aren't worth the time of day, but my purpose in writing this was just to let them know that we see them. Even in the dark of night with no flashlight, and our sunglasses on we see you!!! So can we take a minute to pause? A brief time out just to salute these bastards, because they are the group of haters that seriously need to find a hobby! If you are over the age of 15 then you've probably already had your 1st encounter with one of them. God only knows why they're miserable, or where they come from, but they squeeze their way into our already friend-filled lives and pretend to do so with our best interest at heart. They make their way onto our scene, and typically make it their business to remind us of how rotten are true friends are, and in some distorted and twisted way we begin to look at them as some type of saving grace in our lives! Beware, beware, beware is all that I can say! These individuals have watched us from afar, and although they say, "Imitation is the best form of flattery", these folks have taken flattery to the next level, and crossed it up with borderline obsession! Thinking of the old adage, "Keep your enemies close.", but not this time...We're running! We're running so far in the opposite direction because this year we realize how detrimental your group is to our personal well-being! Kanye's new song gives us more of a reason to make a toast to you assholes while we're out enjoying our lives with our real friends!

Ok so for those of you who aren't too sure; I'd like to take a moment to break down what exactly a frenemy is. I would probably bet money that at least one of you reading tonight’s post has had one. They are the one friend that you have on your buddylist that secretly hates your guts. They hate your guts behind the guise of loving you more than anyone of your real friends ever could. The frenemies 9 out of 10 don't know the 1st principle of friendship which is simple...unconditional love! The frenemies break all the rules of friendship. Besides talking behind your back the frenemy does things like texting your ex-boyfriend to keep him updated on your life, and all of the things that are none of his business. They will take pictures of you while you’re drunk off your ass in the club, and secretly upload them on facebook while you're not looking. All in the name of making you look like shit while they somehow distortedly shine. The most dangerous part about having a frenemy is that you never really know it. Your real friends & family will never click with them. We want so badly to believe in their genuineness that we will always defend them and question our own inner instincts that they’re no good. They are the black clouds that follow us around and only God knows why they are so miserable. Why do they pick us to prey upon? They pick us because we represent everything they either didn’t become or everything they want to be in life. Frenemies are part of life just like anything else. They’ll tell you that your hair looks great when it looks like shit, and your ugliest shirt will be their favorite! All I can tell you is when you recognize any of these characteristics please make sure to shut these individuals out of your life. I’d love to hear all of your personal frenemy stories right here in the comment section Let’s Talk About It…

Much Luv

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