Wednesday, September 26, 2012

When We Made Love

Every now and then I'll have a thought on my heart that won't allow me to rest until I bring it to life. This thought deserves the breathe of life so I'll share it with all of you rather than keep it to myself.  My advice today is to treasure those that mean the most in your life.  Don't hurt them unnecessarily, or use harsh words with them.  Give them the value that they deserve because nothing here lasts forever. The following post is just a little reflection that was conjured up by the sound of Citrus' voice. Reflections come to wither but they can bring the most innate joy. God wants each and every one of us to have a jubulant life that is prosperous and filled with happiness.  Not all prayers are answered as they may not pertain to his plans.  Enjoy...

I heard your voice the other day, which brought some pleasant memories of us to my mind.  I remembered the first time we made love and what a smile that brought to my face.  I will always swear that our souls danced that first night.  When you deeply entered my cave I held onto your girth as tightly as I possibly could.  The electricity of your spirit set mine into an immediate jolt, a feeling that was completely unexpected. Brief euphoric moments; that I still have a difficult time trying to explain. The memories of that night will last a lifetime in my heart. I had visions of an entire future of waking up next to you each and every morning of my adult life.  A love that would run deeper than my addiction for coffee is what I felt brewing in that room.  As we moved on that bed in that city that somehow belonged to us, I felt as if the room was spinning.  As u went deeper inside of me I fought harder to hold on, until we both let go simultaneously; an explosion of emotions that set off the kind of fireworks that I could never tire of watching. As I watched you sleep, that initial electricity still seemed to be there still circulating in the room.  I prayed for you that night and for your safety. I prayed that God would keep us together if that was his will.  Only God understands the unanswered prayers and all we can do is accept them.  Many will have a difficult time that I’m discussing God and Sex but in this instance all I can do is be honest.  I’m grateful to have had you wrapped in my arms that night or maybe you had me wrapped in yours lol. I’m grateful for the moans of sweet & gentle love-making.  I’m grateful for chocolate chip, walnut cookies.  I’m grateful for that city. I’m grateful to have had you as an experience in my life.  I’m grateful for Saturday morning cartoons and cocoa puffs lol!  Regrets don’t linger here, not even residual ones.  We made love three-times that day and I fought the feeling of wanting you more. The memories are so sweet.  So still in my mind yet so captured by my heart.  Tasting your chocolate lips over and over and over again reminds me of how truly delicious kissing you always was.  My sweet chocolate Citrus, oh how I miss you.   

Much Luv
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