Sunday, April 22, 2012

Think Like A Man

3 years ago I read a book that changed my life for the better and I have been following the author of that book ever since.  I heard a lot of buzz surrounding this "male tell all" book which was supposed to guide women to successfully secure a man back in March of 2009.  When I opened, "Think Like A Lady, Act Like A Man", I was floored. The first page I read said, "This book is dedicated to all women." "My hope is to empower you with a wide-open look into the minds of men.", and I thought Damn!  This book wasn't dedicated to Steve Harvey's children or to his momma or anyone else for that matter.  It's just a book dedicated to the women of the world.  Not only did I feel excited just to purchase it.  I felt empowered to own it!  By the end of chapter one I had my highlighter in hand and I was using this book as the guide that it was meant to be.  I recommended it to my friends and if someone couldn't get there hands on it I lent them my copy. The stubbornness and lack of maturity I still had at the time is was why I think I never really fully followed Steve's advice.  In hindsight, I realize that had I followed his advice I'm sure I wouldn't still be single. The blessing that came from the book was that my awareness in regard to relationships was tremendously heightened, hence The Booty Call (B.C.) Chronicles was born.  I began to realize what a crock the generation of "Friends with Benefits" was.  This idea that not being in love, and not being together in committed relationships was ok.  I used my facebook page to slowly put my thoughts out into the world and in less than a year this blog was born.  It was a very proud moment for me when La La Vazquez-Anthony announced that the book was being turned into a movie.  Think Like A Man, hit theaters on April 20th and the day was marked on my calendar as if it was someones birthday!

The excitement I felt was deep down in my gut!  You see, although Steve Harvey is empowering women by explaining the mindset of men.  He is also helping women to understand how much power we truly have when it comes to love, relationships, intimacy and commitment.  Disappointment was not going to be on any menu that Steve Harvey was serving up.  I sat in my theater seat waiting patiently for all of the coming attractions to finish-up.  I thought about the all-star cast including, Kevin Hart, Taraji Henson, Gabrielle Union, La La, and Megan Good just to name a few.  The late night showing before mine was completely sold-out and I thought, "This is going to be a movement!".  See when I read the book years ago I remember thinking, "Steve Harvey is going to save the world from a multitude of STD's with his theory on the cookie."  The "cookie", is the metaphorical vagina and Steve's belief is that the cookie needs to stay in the cookie jar until any new candidate passes at minimum a 90-day probationary period. This is a philosophy that could literally save the world that we have come to live in.  I believe that after about 5-weeks a woman will truly begin to see a man's true-self revealed and vice versa.  The problem that couples typically encounter is that by this point if sex is involved it's usually a little more difficult to just walk away.  Imagine this scenario, you sleep with a guy the 1st day you meet him.  You begin dating him casually after the encounter and realize that you hate him.  He's everything you thought he wasn't and now you find yourself in a very compromising position and you still want to call yourself a lady.  I think for both males and females it's always difficult to say, "Hey, this isn't really working out for me".  No one wants to be responsible for hurting anyone else's feelings.  The movie, delved right into the book and the scenario plays out between 6 couples (one is a married man who's wife is never shown but the example of marriage is clear).

By there being 6 different relationships in the movie there is sure to be something that someone can relate to.  The light and funny approach the movie takes on makes it easy to relate to even for those that have never read the book or for men that might be reluctant about going out to see it.  There was so much that I was able to relate to personally.  I walked away with a message that I needed for my own situation.  I spent so much time thinking that I was undeserving of this particular person when all the while he was really the one that was undeserving of me.  I would give my account of each couple in the movie and what my thoughts are but because I want you to go out and see it for yourselves I won't.  What's positive about this movement is that Steve Harvey's message is so heartfelt.  It's not a money making attempt to make women feel like we allow ourselves to be played by men. Steve wants to see change and a return to chivalry.  Men and women have so much to offer one another.  When standards are set high (acting like a lady) a man can quickly establish a plan for his woman.  When a woman shows a man that her respect isn't given and that it has to be earned we change up a game that has gotten disrespectfully out of control. In a world like the one we live in today Steve Harvey will have a hard time competing with rappers like Lil Wayne that are still discussing how easy it is to f*%$ her and leave her alone.  It's nice to have a man remind women that real men really do have plans for real women.  From how they buy their cars, to their homes to how they select the woman that they will ultimately take the next step with.  Go, go, go now and see this film.  It's a little long so have popcorn and a very relaxed open state of mind going in.  For the relationships that you can't relate to the movie may seem to drag a bit but I promise that you will laugh your heart out!  We all know how good laughter is for the soul!  Enjoy and let me know what message you leave the theater with :-)

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