Monday, March 19, 2012

The Alpha-Female

Hello, I am the Alpha-Female. I am strong-willed, overly confident at times, difficult to please, I love extra hard with a dedication that often can't be matched and my ambition and natural curiosity for life & my life even more specifically is undying. I don't back down easily and I'm not always comfortable wearing a dress. I'm a "wear the pants" type of girl which can serve me well in some areas and destroy me in others at the very same time. I'm a Lion in every sense of the word. I move with a slow stride and with a high head. I am a natural-born leader and I have a difficult time putting myself before others. My will is to change the world that I live in even if it's in the smallest of ways. I own a room almost instantly after walking into it because this is my nature. My Alpha-Female spirit makes it easy for me to be single yet can make it difficult for me to be in a relationship which really sucks. I am sarcastic and witty and my tact isn't always warmly welcomed by the opposite sex. Living in this generation of "sex vs love" a lot of potential or would-be potential suitors are left eating dust when they try to divide and conquer this lion-heart. I have the spirit of a man with the heart of the most gentle of women. I tolerate no arguments in Love because Love is the one thing in this world that I believe is just simple. When I see disturbance in Love I walk away and I don't look back. Love enters where there is calm not where there is chaos.

In this new "sex generation", I see less marriage and more broken hearts. I see couples making excuses for the once popular monogamous relationship and I see these relationships being replaced with open relationships. The blasphemy of open relationships saddens me. The generation of "No Church in the Wild", we move further and further from the peace we search for while we look for pleasure in sex. Sex with no strings attached and sex accepted by a partner as long as both parties agree. The temple of our souls are sacrificed for 8-minutes of sweaty pleasure or non-pleasure depending on the partner. What are we coming to as a world and why are there still double standards in 2012? The Alpha-Female knows no double standards. A woman is taught to Act Like A Lady yet to Think Like A Man but it's typically men that are left speechless when and if we decide to mock the gender. When we mock the gender all rules apply. When grown-ups make the foolish mistake of entering into a sexual relationship without any labels on their love they leave the ball court wide open. In these cases, typically one person is more connected to the lust than the other party and what happens next is a disastrously painful break-up with a guy or a girl that was never your boyfriend or your girlfriend to begin with. Envisioning a future in someone you were only an option for is painful and this is why going forward I intend to write more blog posts surrounding abstinence and the importance of loving one's self first and finding what happy is for you. I'll leave the preaching for the Pastor's on Sunday but one thing I can promise you is that having meaningless sex that doesn't incorporate the emotion of Love will NOT get you any closer to finding inner peace or happiness. It can actually deter you from your course and move your heart further away from everything that it truly desires. Be wise in Love because when you lose it you don't get it back.

We're animalistic individuals by nature in some ways and that may never change. Our minds have the capability to exhibit enormous amounts of self-control where and when we allow it to. We have control over all the negative things in the world from sex to substances. We can either be aware or turn a blind eye and indulge in the forbidden fruit. It's safe to say that the Alpha-Female can have any man she wants and this is why more often than not out of 10 man there will be only 1 that barely strikes her interest. Her dominance can lure even the strongest of men, the will be intrigued with the challenge of dating her alone because she is never easily impressed no matter how kind the gesture. This type of female is different and a man will have to do very different things to get and to keep her attention. Men become easily obsessed with the different type of personality that this woman possesses. An Alpha-Female will never stay under the thumb of an overly obsessed man. As soon as she can break free she will and her eye will be keener at avoiding this type of man in the future. I'm an Alpha-Female, I will break hearts more than I have my own heart broken and this is the curse that I was born with. What type of female are you? Let's Talk About It...

Much Luv

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  1. I really like how you are viewing the alpha female. Most people seem to portray alphas as bitchy or mean when in reality they aren't. They just demand respect from everyone around them.

  2. Hi Mary:

    Thank you so much for commenting. Yes, the Alpha is often referred to as bitchy because her expectations are set so high. High-expectations, high moral standards, and earned respect versus offered respect are so often confused with a person that thinks she's better, bitchy, etc...

    Never change who you are. Your uniqueness will always be what separates you from the crowd. This kid right here is always, always, always doing her own thing. I Love Life, and I Love People, yet there are expectations and views that I simply won't bend on.

    Keep being fabulous hunni!

    Much Luv

  3. Yeah sounds like most of the Alpha Females are single or lesbians...