Thursday, January 20, 2011

Trading Places

Ok so with Valentine’s Day right around the corner I’ve been thinking of ways to spice up the holiday. For those that will be celebrating the day designated exclusively for lovers here’s what I’m thinking. I was doing some household chores the other day when Usher’s sexy song “Trading Places” came on. Automatically, a light bulb went off in my head! I thought to myself that if I had a reason to celebrate this Valentine’s Day I would want to do so by trading places with my lover. I would do everything from beginning to end as the take charge lady that I am, yet to be fair my intentions would be completely expressed to my man. I would let him know that just for that one special evening there would be a complete and total role-reversal taking place. I would make reservations for us to eat somewhere sexy. An intimate setting that caters to lovers with dim lights, banquet style seating so that we can sit side by side. I would wear a dress and I would make sure that during dinner he knows that he’ll be dessert. I would pick him up and open my car door for him and I’d also hold the door for him at the restaurant. I would constantly whisper in his ear throughout and let him know how special he is to me. I would be dressed ultra-sexy (heels would have to be at least 5”) and I would let him know that in addition to him being dessert it’s also wrap for him when we get home. I would set the stage with the ultimate PDA (public displays of affection) nothing that would gross people out, but subtle things like grabbing his hand, touching his leg and kissing him softly. The idea of my seductive little fantasy evening with the man that I don’t have yet lol intrigued me as I pranced around my kitchen singing the words out loud, “I’m always on the top.” “Tonight I’m on the bottom cause we trading places”. “Now we gonna do this thing a little different tonight”.

The one thing that stands out in this Usher joint for those of you that haven’t heard it and what I find that I can relate to so much is that they (Usher & his girl) decide to switch things up a bit for the sake of maintaining what seems to be a healthy flow. In relationships, we can’t be afraid to double-up on keeping things sexy, exciting and interesting. Lip biting actions within a relationship should happen often in my opinion. I want my man to bite his lip not only while I’m getting dressed for us to head out somewhere but also when I’m completely done. I want him to have that pride stirring in his soul that “me” his woman does it for him. I want him to let me know that we’ll be the couple that continuously arrives late somewhere because when I’m done getting dressed he’ll just be getting started at peeling away the layers of my clothing. A couple that intends on watering their flourishing love is going to do so without any apprehensions. They’re going to fully be aware that fun and love do in fact coincide. If I had a man he could certainly look forward to me tying his hands ever so gently to our bed post after a night of being at his total beck and call like on Valentine’s Day. I’m into the whole concept of the holiday and I know many of you will disagree and say, “Valentine’s Day shouldn’t be just once a year”, but the fact still remains that it is. How hard would it be to run out and purchase the sexiest little baby doll from Victoria’s Secret? If he’s worth it the question would be does he know it? Milk baths, rose petals and aroma candles galore was where my focus was as the record quickly came to an end. My lover would get the cupid treatment on that special day because most of the time we’re honestly too busy to put that much emphasis on nurturing the love we’re in.

Unfortunately, since I am ridiculously single at this time and I don’t have anyone special to spend this Valentine’s Day with I will have to wait till next year to share something sexy with you folks. In the meantime, I’m extremely interested in hearing what all of you have planned for the holiday? Please enlighten me with your stories and tell me how you’re going to execute your plans if they are a secret from your lover. I’m sure some of you will be getting engaged or maybe just taking your dating relationship to the committed level either way my ears are open and I can’t wait to hear! As always I wish all of you the best that this world has to offer.

Much Luv

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