Friday, June 11, 2010

Slim Thug: "Black Women Need To Stand By Their Man More"

This article was way too powerful for me NOT to comment on. I had to wait two days because initially I was simply bothered by it on so many levels. Today with a cool head and a more compassionate standpoint I realize that Slim's comments are his reality and no one can take that away from him. Many thoughts ran through my head the 3 times I read this article. Like many I'm sure, I wondered what type of relationship Slim has with his own mother and what he thinks of the decisions she has made as a woman? In my compassion, I wanted to UPS him some of my favorite books like, "The Measure of a Man", by Sidney Poitier. Reading is fundamental and I can't help but thinking somehow my country or is it my culture that failed this man? Where on God's green earth does a perception like this develop? This type of thinking doesn't happen over night. It isn't small talk in the studio. To make it worse on the flip side there was an undertone of racisim and self-hatred at the same time. Women doing what they are told? White women being the prize? Cooking being some measurement of womanhood? How did you all feel about this?


  1. I wanted to further elaborate on the sentence I wrote last night regarding White women being the prize. I slept on the sentence and woke up thinking, "OMG some of the closest women to me whom I adore in my life are White." I was rasied by a White woman and I wanted to clarify that sentence in case it appeared that I was mocking or shedding light on White women in a negative way. I believe that all women in general are a prize and I only singled White women out in accord with Slim's article to question his thinking. It saddens me when a Black man can speak of his mixed race girlfriend and say, "the half white in her is where she still cooks and do all the shit that I say". My heart goes out to Slim's mother because at minimum this article had to disappoint her. My question to Slim would be, "Would you want your mother to lower her expectations in a partner?" and "Would you suggest that she does what her partner tells her to do?" Slim, you need to come and spend some time in Brooklyn.

  2. I feel sorry for him. Seriously, he has issues. I could understand if he said he wants to be with a white women because he thinks white women are smart and beautiful but no. He wants a white woman because he thinks they are doormats. Thats disrespectful. If you, as a man, are not interested in me because I am independent and I have my own thoughts then fine. Your loss "Slim Thug". and just for the record, "slim thug" is a stupid ass name.

  3. Hi CharliFamous I'm with you 100% and that's why I added the "Ignorance is Bliss" to the end of this post because I seriously don't think Slim Thugs thought process can be changed at this stage in the game. I wonder if Vibe published the article to make him look like an ass? I'm smh at the magazine too.