Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Ugly Truth About Abortion

I was Pro-Life until I was 28 years-old and found myself in an entangled web of hypocrisy.  I never passed judgment on anyone that was Pro-Choice, yet using abortion as a method of birth-control was something that made me cringe.  During my time in college, I took a very interesting philosophy class that further opened my eyes to the truths surrounding certain types of abortions being performed right here in the United States of America.  Partial abortion was something that I ignorantly knew nothing of before taking the course. My Dear Lord, what I learned was absolutely disturbing.   My professor at the time was very passionate about the course work and he provided some of the most gruesome images with supporting documentation available to support this unethical practice.  I can remember thinking, “How can any woman kill the life that is growing inside of her in such a horrific way?”   In my eyes, it was murder plain and simple. Snipping the spinal cord of a fetus at the neck seemed illogical and cruel. Of course at the time I was a mother of 3 healthy children and I had never come face to face with abortion or miscarriage.  Every now and then I might get the occasional confession of a friend that had gone through either of the two ordeals.  As many of you know, Kermit Gosnell was found guilty earlier this week on numerous counts of murder and manslaughter in connection with his “chop shop”, style abortion clinic in Pennsylvania.  Please take a moment to read this article posted by the Huffington Post yesterday: I was quite dismayed when I found out that I was pregnant with what would have been my fourth child.  I was fresh out of a very long-term relationship with my son’s father.  I was reckless and on the rebound and to add to the mess that I was creating I was now pregnant.  I confirmed my suspicions and was 4-6 weeks along in gestation as described to me by the tech performing my ultrasound at the abortion clinic.  Dismay and profound sadness was the feeling.  The tech didn’t want me to look but I refused to turn away.  The precious sight of the tiny little dark spot growing inside of my stomach was impossible for me to ignore. The inappropriate comment made by that same tech made everything that followed awful.  Abortion clinics are like desensitized butcher shops where one goes to have meat chopped.  She said, “This is your first abortion honey, it won’t be your last”.  I instantly corrected her and snapped back with, “Oh yes, this will be my last”.

The well-known abortion clinic that I went to in Queens was disgusting to me.  Not only because of the atmosphere per se, which was banquet-style torn pleather seating  and writing on the walls.  It just had a very dark underlying feeling overall.  The only spiritual light I could sense was from the religious spectators chanting outside for me not to go inside. God is not inside of abortion clinics and I will stand firmly by that statement.  God and the Spirit are in the womb of the woman carrying new-life.  There is an overwhelming feeling of spiritual warmness a woman can feel when she is pregnant. If, of course she’s willing to be still enough to be aware of it. Although, the tech said I was only 4-6 weeks along my entire body felt filled with pregnancy.  I wept uncontrollably that day as I was whisked from one phase of the process to another.  The final phase being the fatal one; at that point I was told to undress and to slip into a gown that was provided by the staff.  My girlfriend that accompanied me that day just kept encouraging me not to “think”, about it.  Unfortunately, the life growing inside of me was all that I could think about.  I said a prayer while I changed into my gown.  Not a typical prayer. Nothing rehearsed or memorized from a scripture verse.  At that moment I had a simultaneous silent discussion with God and the new life that was trying so desperately to just continue growing.  The spirit of that life felt male to me and right inside of the clinic’s gym-styled locker room I named that spirit Joshua.  I apologized for sending him back to God.  For not trusting God enough to know that I would have been able to care for him.  For the shame that I felt in my heart for carelessly putting myself in a worldly situation to even let something like conception occur.  I let Joshua know that he was no less loved than my other 3 children and that my decision to give him back to my Creator was not an easy one for me to make.  I asked my elders since passed on to please care for him and I closed the prayer by asking for everyone's forgiveness.  With uncontrollable crying and shaking I took my place in the next room.  A male anesthesiologist touched my shoulder and said, “This must be your first time, everything will be alright”.  The last thing I can remember was how much emotional pain I was in.  I heard the same anesthesiologist telling the doctor that it was my first time and by then my legs were  high in the air and I was losing consciousness.

I won’t walk anyone through the next steps at the clinic.  I’ll fast-forward to how I felt laying in my bed that night at home. The warmth, the fire, and the spiritual fullness that I felt prior to the abortion were gone.  I felt an extreme emptiness, I felt sorrow, I felt dark and I felt cold.  I let Satan win that one and I was deeply ashamed.  I called the "would-be",father and let him know that there was no trace of pregnancy inside of me and he was disappointed to say the least.  I never included him in any of the events that had taken place earlier that day and that was just wrong.  Abortion isn’t over once the procedure has been completed.  I personally grieved the loss of that new life that was growing inside of me for a very long time. I contemplated suicide for the first time in my life and I don’t think anyone in my family understood why.  I was very disappointed with what I had done. Abortion was a very emotional journey for me that I didn’t have the heart to discuss with anyone but God. Years later while riding on a NYC train, I learned there is a website dedicated to helping women that suffer from PASS or Post Abortion Stress Syndrome.  For more information, please go to Of course, there are many women living in our culture that appear unaffected by abortion.  Some of us have brought into the political view of a woman’s "right" to choose and we have lost sight of some of the gruesome and careless practices that are taking place around us and in our country.  Babies are such precious bundles of joy.  Where you see no way you must know that God will make a way and I encourage you to email me if you are struggling or need help with an unexpected or unwanted pregnancy. By clicking the envelope on the left hand side of this page; you will be taken directly to my email box. I intentionally began this relationship series with, “After the Booty Call”, because I wanted to use it as an opener for other avenues.  HIV, STD’s, unwanted pregnancy, shame, hurt and lies are all things that can directly result from having sex with someone that you are not in a committed relationship with.  This issues are tough enough for couples but imagine the thought of having to deal with these things alone.

*It was so ironic to me that Kelly Rowland released her new single this week called, "Dirty Laundry".  Although the song doesn't represent this specific issue. It does discuss the importance of letting things go and being honest.  We can cover things up and we can hide behind our shades but that doesnt make the hurt go away.  It just encourages more hurt to develop. I hope my own naked truth will help a young woman that needs to hear it right at this very moment.  Things may not be well with your circumstances, but they can be well with your soul.  God Bless You All.

Proverbs 3:5 "Trust in the Lord with all your heart; do not depend on your own understanding".

Much Luv,

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  1. This was soooooo good, and open and honest, which are the best reads in my humble opinion. I commend you for the desire to reach out to others in hopes that they too will offer support and encouragement as well as she'd light on the issue of abortion.

    Years ago, I paid for the abortion of a child. Sadly, it took years later before I realized the tragic mistake. As you stated, it's an everyday conversation that I share with God surrounding in the matter. As it stands, that I'll-informed decision on behalf of myself and the woman remains as one of THE biggest regrets in life.

    I once read a book concerning afterlife, where a child died and went to Heaven and spoke of being greeted by a sister he never knew. Upon his return to life as we know it, he mentioned this to his mom who, although stunned, admitted she'd had an abortion. If true, I believe you and I both will one day see our children again, God willing.

    Enjoyed the read. Be blessed.

  2. Hi Don:

    Amen! You share my total sentiment on the afterlife. I named that child and apologized so profoundly because I do believe that I will see him again. Thank you for being such an avid reader here. I really appreciate that. I'm working on a V-Blog as we speak. That way, those of you that don't know me personally will at least get the opportunity to put my voice and my face to my words. This journey of writing has encouraged me to be more open and honest about every aspect of my life. I was a former slave to that perfectionist lifestyle until I decided to toss it and just be me. I'm raw, I'm honest and I'm quite rough around the edges at times yet I wouldn't have it any other way. It's so easy being me, and I think God is smiling because I finally got the message lol. Facades are totally time consuming and ain't nobody got time for that ha ha.

    You'll notice some changes here as well as I've dropped "BC", for Barbara :-) and my site is now officially, The Brooklyn Chronicles". Brooklyn will always have my heart because I was born and raised there. I've fallen in and out of love several times with my city. Sometimes it's caused me so much pain living there and sometimes it's been the absolute best time of my life. Much of that experience is reflected in my writing and I need to give credit where it's due. Thank you again, and thank you for sharing your story. I believe we draw nearer to God when we repent for our sins and acknowledge our faults. I know that we will see our children again.

    Much Luv

  3. I'm raw, I'm honest and I'm quite rough around the edges at times yet I wouldn't have it any other way. It's so easy being me

    Let it be known, Barbara.

    Yes, our unborn children will be seen and heard from one sweet day.

  4. Amen Don!!! Thank you for such positive understanding with this one.