Monday, April 22, 2013

222 And Me

For at least 5 years now, I can trace the trailing of the number 222 in my life. As peculiar as it may sound at first, this number has a way of following me.  I see it at the most random times on some of the most random things.  Often times, it’s the time on a digital clock or on my cell phone, but it’s also been the price that I pay for a particular item at a store, an address, the numbers on a license plate or as seen in the picture above, the time to return on a parking meter ticket.  It’s a number that speaks to me so much so that I mentioned it to my Aunt one day. I was trying to figure out if there was any type of family linage to the number.  I thought I came close, when I realized that both my cousin and my grandfather died on the 2nd day of a month but more recently I came up with a much better understanding. I was blessed when a friend was honest in sharing his similar peculiar occurrences with the number 444. He did some internet research and came up with a way better explanation than I had for my number sequence.  I’ve always associated numbers with the Bible and therefore numbers have a very spiritual significance to me.  So when my friend mentioned that he had discovered that 444 was actually his Angel Number I was profoundly intrigued.  He directed me to a blog that he discovered in connection with his number sequence. I was able to read all about the significance of his numbers and how they apply to his life.  I decided to delve further and investigate my own number and I plugged in 222 to the site search engine.  222, has felt like it belongs to me since it has been with me.  I have a personal attachment that I am unable to quite explain with words to this number.  When something personal is going on in my life and I see those three 2’s pop up, I know that there’s something I should or shouldn’t do.  Almost as if the numbers are trying to tell me something or even possibly confirm or deny something.  If this has ever happened to you then please continue reading because you too may discover the meaning of a number sequence in your life.

The blog I was led to belongs to a woman by the name of Joanne.  The site, called Joanne’s Sacred Scribes can be found right here on Blogspot at: From the moment I logged onto her blog to read about my friend’s numbers I knew there was something very legitimately spiritual about the explanation in bold print before my eyes.  Don’t get me wrong, I couldn’t relate to his numbers but as I continued to read I was very eager to see how my own numbers would be defined. I had previously heard of spirit guides and I believe very much in guardian angels so the text was nothing that I struggled with on a spiritual level.  Realistically, I would imagine that the Loving God that I serve “appoints” a guide or an angel to protect me and to help me along on my journey.  Life is difficult in so many ways and many times we don’t know which way to turn when we are faced with one particular situation or another.  What I didn’t realize was that these guardian angels and/or spiritual guides could reach us in such a prominent way with such purposeful intent.   Joanne’s detailed explanations immediately reminded me of the prophet Daniel in the Bible.  In the Book of Daniel, he was often called upon to interpret visions and dreams for King Nebuchadnezzar. He was able to do so in such a detailed way that none of the fortune tellers, astrologers or magicians could do.  Joanne’s writing in all of its simplicity seemed to be deeply rooted and touched by God. I was in awe as I read how precise her explanation of my number sequence seemed in parallel to all areas of my life.

In this past year I’ve learned so much about the power of prayer.  I’ve also learned so much about the power of believing in those prayers.  Most people lose their belief in their petitions before God can ever answer them.  I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t pray with the type of fervor that the Bible speaks of. That type of fervor that gets answers from God and waits on guidance from the Holy Spirit. When we listen to God’s Word; God listens to our petitions in return.  The Book of 1 John 3:22 says this regarding prayer, (NLT), “22 And we will receive from Him whatever we ask because we obey Him and do the things that please Him”. There’s a dual partnership between the petitioner and God in regard to prayer.  One that requires the petitioner to uphold the Word of God and to walk in a way that is pleasing to our Heavenly Father. What stood out most to me when I read Joanne’s blog was her mention that my petitions were being heard yet patience was being required on my behalf by my Angels.  That was so deep for me and something I very much needed to hear as I continue to grow in my relationship of Faith and Hope with God.  I often pray for things with haste and when I don’t see a quick remedy I move on and start praying for something else.  I completely let go of the importance of the original petition and that’s why hence it’s never answered. To read that my petitions were being heard was so awesome to me.  The life that I have imagined for myself as a successful writer has never withered.  Writing from my heart motivated by the Spirit of God that lives inside of me has always been my hope. I’ve never doubted that he hears me yet reading it bought about additional reassurance that felt really good.

Bold light, and a life directed by God’s Grace, is what many of us are searching and longing for.  My biggest desire through my work and my writing is to please God.  There is nothing more important to me during my journey here...nothing.  I want to encourage, uplift and motivate my readers to live their best lives!  I want to be of service to each of you, yet I need my Creator to look down and to be pleased.  Many people are surprised when I tell them that I’m born in the 7th month, of 1977, and that the numbers of the day in which I was born the 25th, equal 7 if added like this, (2 + 5 =7).  I’ve heard people say the number 7777, will equal great miracles in a person’s life.  I intend to do my part and be adherent those miracles.  At this very moment without anything concrete to support my theory, I know that my writing and the words of The B.C. Chronicles will extend throughout the world.  I know that children will be touched by my work although I am not exactly sure how. A day will come when I will pass out colorful writing journals and pens to small children. I will encourage them to write whatever comes to their innocent minds.  They can write about their best day at school or at home, their favorite teacher or pet or about what they want to be when they grow up. My motivation will be that they never stop writing.   The free-spirits of this world need encouragement to share their talents. I believe the world is truly a better place with those unique and talented individuals that may not have always fit in, made friends easily, or that were never really accepted by the majority.  To know that each of us have Angels in our corner that want us to succeed, to be fruitful and that want to help guide us keenly from the spiritual realm is awesome!

If only one of my readers connect with this post and get to find the meaning of a number sequence that has been following them; I will be immensely happy!  When we share our truth with one another we grow as human beings.  For some, this concept will be difficult to grasp because it doesn’t fall under the school of logic.  I never did too well in that school J

Wishing you Blessings, Love, Hope and Peace as always; God Bless you all.

Much Luv,

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