Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sizzling Spicy Hot Summer Romance 2010

Ok so it's officially Summertime in NYC and it's HOT outside!!! As I drive through some neighborhoods I see open fire hydrants, kids outside playing, and couples strolling hand in hand. Two things are running through my mind at this moment and the first is Spike Lee's joint, "Do the Right Thing". I will never get tired of watching this movie and this intense summer heat makes me think of it. I'm thinking of "Mookie" and "Tina" in their steaming ice cube scene... "Thank God for the Lips", "Thank God for the Right Nipple", "Thank God for the Left" lol. Mookie and Tina had that classic wreckless love (shout out to Alicia Keys). The other thought weighing heavy on my mind these days is my own need for romance in my life. I think Spring always initiates these feelings in me and then Summer keeps them going. With my birthday less than thirty-days away I'm also thinking of how nice it would be to spend my special born day with someone special. So what's a girl to do and where would I even start??? Dating is the first thing at the top of my list this Summer but that's often so much easier said than done. I'm a big chicken (I must confess). I was so shy as a child and it's still hard for me as an adult to find the guts to strike up random conversation with the opposite sex. Completely aware of my phobia, I have recruited some of my best girlfriends to be on the lookout. Most of them know what I like and I trust that they will be great matchmakers. I have committed to being open and if a date is arranged saying "no" just isn't an option. My expectations are very minimum yet my standards are very high. I'm looking for nothing more than great convo with a great dude over coffee, night caps, dinner, brunch whatever.

In the same instance, vulnerable times like these can make it easy to run back into the arms of an "ex", especially if the connection and bond to that person was deep rooted. The older we get the more creatures of habit we seem to become. Starting a new relationship can often seem like more of a hassle than it's worth. Ladies & Gents my best advice during times like these is to just try and stay focused, and strong and always know and remember your worth! If we can remove ourselves from the constraints of our comfort zone (and what we're used to) then we can make room for something brilliant that may be waiting just around the corner. A new season can also be a great time to bring on a healthy and positive change. I've never felt more ready than I do now to move forward. I remember back when I was in college I would always say things like, "I want to be more together before meeting someone". What I've come to ask myself more recently is, "when are we ever really that "together?" I'm a constant work in progress and the beauty of being in a relationship is finding someone who knows and accepts that. I'm ready to blast Carl Thomas', "Summer Rain" and let romance take a strong hold of me. Long walks on the beach, peach and purple roses, outside eateries, Patron margaritas, and maybe even a little fruity Sangria. The great thing about a new romance is it's freshness and the possibilities that come with something fresh and new. Summertime seems as good a time as any to start. Outdoor activities and limited layers of clothing make it easy to be out and about in the city.

I'm ready to bust out the Sazon and the Adobo and make this summer full of flavor! I'm scouting out the prettiest summer dresses and the sexiest wedges. I'm loosening my tough looks when I see someone that catches my eye and I'm smiling back instead :). Eye contact and smiling are typically all the opposite sex need to have the courage to approach. This summer I'm giving it all I got and I will keep my readers posted on my progress. No more watching my life pass me by and I hope this encourages all of you to do the same! Whether you're single and looking, or happily involved I challenge all of you to spice it up! Heat up your summer with a sizzling spicy kick of flavor. On hot summer nights bust out the ice cubes and keep this summer spicy!!! Gents buy us flowers and be creative with the colors! Ladies keep it sexy especially with the toe polish (Essie has some of the greatest colors). Fellas keep it crispy with the t-shirts and don't forget to strike up convo and ask a lady if she'd like a drink. It's not that we need you to do but the gesture alone is classic and will have our attention. Couples spend lots of time outdoors and fall in love with each other all over again. Love never gets played out! Wishing you all a romance filled Summer 2010!

Much Luv



  1. Go BC!!!
    i am sure you will find some great suitors...

  2. Hey Mocha:

    Thank you :) lol. I will keep everyone posted! Should be a very interesting summer.